The Project

If you’re like me, you most likely have that family member, friend or coworker that was just naturally born to run. It comes easy to them.These people will stay out til midnight on a Friday and knock out 9-10 miles on Saturday morning. Even worse, (joking) many of these individuals will qualify for the Holy Grail of running: The Boston Marathon. You may not be aware, like I wasn’t before I started running, that you must first qualify to gain entry to the race also known as “Boston”. This is an elite club of runners that one’s admission to the club is based on a series of times that are based upon age and gender. Less than 1% of the US population will ever finish a marathon. Of that group, only 10.4% will ever receive an invitation to Boston.

There are moments that occur in your life that you can remember exactly where you were, what you were thinking and how you felt. I experienced one of these moments as the events unfolded from the bombing at the Boston Marathon. While the events that transpired were indescribable and tragic, the courage and strength of the runners, those injured and those in the community were palpable, even miles away. Needless to stay, I was inspired. Days later I made the decision to attempt to qualify for the Boston Athletic Association Marathon.

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Having run three marathons before, I had assumed that the marathon chapter of my life was closed. And why wouldn’t I? My fastest marathon time was slightly under five hours. Being pleased with simply “finishing” the prior attempts at 26.2 miles, I thought “be content that you were able to finish such a monumental task.”Remember, I mentioned earlier about those born to run, unfortunately that was not me. I completed all three marathons at over 250 pounds and I am presently over 260. In fact, in marathon speak I am labeled a Clydesdale.That is a special weight class division for any entrant weight over 200 pounds. To accomplish what you’ve never had, you must be willing to do what you’ve never done.There are those that said I could never run a marathon.Now those same people are saying guys like me don’t qualify for Boston.This is a documentary which its very foundation is based upon not listening to what “those” people say.


This project is worthy of your support due to its 3 angles of appeal.The first being self-transformation.What I basically have to do in this movie is transform from a 260 pound 42 year old recreational athlete and turn him into a 210 pound elite one.The vast popularity of shows like The Biggest Loser and the like make this single aspect of the film noteworthy.The second aspect of this film is inspiration.My wish is to make a film, that when done watching, one is motivated to achieve a level of fitness they never thought possible.Call it self-help, personal improvement or whatever, people are motivated to improve their lives when they are inspired.Lastly, the movie will serve as platform for information.This movie will prove a beneficial resource for those interested in possibly running in a marathon.With every aspect of training covered in this documentary, we will leave nothing hidden at the trials and tribulations of marathon training.It will definitely be a show all, behind the scenes look at what it takes to be a Boston qualifier.And who knows, it might just motivate someone enough to reach for something that they were told they could never achieve.


If you want to accomplish a goal in life, the best way is to get leverage against yourself.I saw no better way to do that than to put myself completely out the on Front Street and document every aspect of this journey.Already in the first month there have been struggles with weight loss, I have been diagnosed with cancer and my father has become paralyzed from the waist down.Things happen in life while training, and already this documentary has had its fill.I have compiled a team of experts in a range of specialties to give myself the best chance possible to qualify.This is my story of how I attempted to qualify for the Boston Marathon.