About Lance

Dr. Lance CasazzaI first would like to thank you for taking the time to look at my project.  My name is Lance Casazza (Ka-saw za).  Yes, the last name is Italian.  I was born in San Francisco in 1971 and consider that my hometown.  Eventually, I moved down with my dad to live in Menlo Park and attend St. Francis High School.  During my time there, I was an athlete and played football.  It was during my sophomore year I developed a back injury that was causing to me to collapse without warning.  This was first happening only on the football field, but soon began to occur at any time.  We lived by Stanford University, and it naturally seemed like a good place to start for a problem of this magnitude.  After months of therapy, drugs and braces, nothing had worked and a decision was made to perform surgery.  I would never play football again.  I was devastated.  Luckily some local Forty Niners that had worked out at my gym suggested I see a doctor named Nick Athens.  He was a chiropractor that had helped many of them.  Desperate, I sought out Nick’s care and within 30 days the pain was gone and I have never collapsed again to this day.  I knew at 15 I wanted to be a chiropractor.  I was able to play football throughout high school and was invited to play for UC Davis upon graduation.  I completed my degree in exercise science in 1996 and one day after my last final moved to Scotland to work for the National Football League and something known as NFL Europe (formally The World League).  I was so blessed to come from that experience with a World League Trophy under my belt; the first championship I had ever been associated with.  I will never forget my NFL experience, but upon my return to the states it was time to finally pursue my dream of becoming a Doctor of Chiropractic.
I chose Palmer College of Chiropractic as my choice for my degree and on September 7th, 2001 I received my degree and also the honor of being class valedictorian.  After passing my boards, I quickly open my practice in Sacramento, California in June of 2002.  With a sizable loan from my parents, I was able to open my doors and was ready for the challenges of a new practice.  Unfortunately, things were not going as well as I had hoped, and In June of 2006 I was trying to find a way to tell my parents I may not be able to pay them back.  In a last ditch effort to save the career I so dearly loved, I employed the services of Doctor Charles Ward, a practice coach I had seen years before and remembered vividly.  What I learned from Dr. Ward would have a profound effect in changing my practice and my life.  I was so excited about what I had learned and felt compelled to share it with others, I wrote a book in 2010 called “Be the Hammer, Not the Nail”.  I use the book as my platform for the motivational speaking circuit.  The ability to inspire others to greatness has been one of my luckiest rewards.
From 2006-2009 I completed 3 marathons, all at over 250 pounds and none faster than 4 hours and 53 minutes.  The thought had crossed my to attempt to qualify for Boston until the voice inside my head reminded how unrealistic that dream was.  Guys my sizes don’t run marathons and definitely don’t qualify for Boston.  I decided to let it go and be happy with the three I was told by many I could never finish.  It was the events of the Boston bombing that caused me to re-evaluate my thinking.  If one of my passions was truly the inspiration of others, I saw no better opportunity than to try to reach my qualifying time of 3 hours 15 minutes and document on film the entire process for others to see.  Then I would truly be walking my talk (or running in this case).  This will be the hardest thing I have ever attempted, but the personal reward, coupled with the platform to motivate others, is what makes this project so worthy of support.